Steps to Configure Yahoo Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird.



Millions of users opt for Yahoo webmail service to communicate with their friends, family member and also for their business purpose. It is one of the fastest mail service providers. The user can access Yahoo mail with many platforms. It is available for many operating systems. You can access Yahoo on all types of operating system phone such as iOS, Android, etc. With the help of Yahoo, you can easily communicate with your family or friends. It helps us to stay connected with your loved ones. Yahoo is always finding out for your account security. Users can access Yahoo mail on a number of browsers such as Google chrome, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

Here we’ll tell you how you can configure your Yahoo mail account with your Mozilla Thunderbird. There are two methods to configure your account. First, is using POP and the second is IMAP.


 How to Configure Mozilla Thunderbird for Yahoo! Mail


Steps to configure Yahoo mail in Mozilla Thunderbird using POP:

  • First, you need to log into your Yahoo Mail account. Press on the gear icon located on the top-right corner and choose "Settings".
  • Press "Edit" located next to your Yahoo Account Settings.
  • Ensure that the "POP" option is selected. Press "Save" and you can now Log out from your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Then you need to run Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Press on "Email" under "Create a new account."
  • You need to choose "Skip this and use my existing email."
  • You need to type your information in Yahoo which is asked and press "Continue".
  • Select the "POP3" option if you wish to use the POP setup. This will pull your emails from the Yahoo server and save them on your local computer.
  • Press "Done." button to make changes effective
  • Use your email! Your Yahoo account e-mail will now come up in Thunderbird, along with the "Inbox" and "Trash" folder. Press on your inbox to view your new emails. Yahoo Help page is also available on the web for your quick support.

 Steps to configure Yahoo mail in Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP:

  • First, you need to open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Press on your e-mail is shown on image above
  • You need to press on "Email" below "Create a new account."
  • Choose "Skip this and use my existing email."
  • Type your information in Yahoo which is asked and press "Continue".
  • You need to select the "IMAP" option if you wish to use the IMAP setup.
  • Then use the default settings.
  • Press "Done" to save the settings.
  • After pressing done your Yahoo folder is configured in Thunderbird.

These are the steps mentioned above will definitely help you to configure your Yahoo account in Mozilla Thunderbird. Users can access Yahoo in many browsers. To learn more, you need to visit Yahoo support number to contact via phone 24X7 for instant support & help.

Toll-free Numers For Fast and Effective Solution

+1 -844-773-9313 (US/CANADA)
+44 - 800-051-3717 (UK)
+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)

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